Dr. Charles C. Sirius

From Circle Of The Crone

Player Name - Jerry Steele

Name - Dr. Charles C. Sirius

Clan - Daeva

Age - Elder

Apparent Age 35 years

Location - Colorado Springs


Noted For

Physically there is a striking resemblance between Dr. Sirius and Fiona MacConachie which is unsurprising as they say they are twins.

He is also renowned for being:

  • Teacher for the Circle
  • Linguistics Master (over 12 languages fluently)
  • Occult Researcher
  • Ritual Researcher
  • Occult Artifact Research and Identification
  • Subject matter expert: The Brood
  • Subject matter expert: Infernal Forces
  • Public 'face man' for the Circle in Colorado
  • Blood Sorcerer
  • Vivisectionist
  • Occult Investigator
  • Cult Leader
  • Diplomatic advisor to the Werewolf community of Colorado
  • Experimenter with Oddities

Character Description

Charles Sirius is an older man, embraced late in life. In the 'old days' 35 was ancient.

As one skilled in many languages he can flit through accents without dropping a beat. Seldom will one hear him with his 'milk tongue' Scottish brogue. He prefers the universal 'euro-trash' or British sound.


He is a Succubus. Charming and well spoken. As of late he's taken on a more 'snarky' tone as he's TRYING to embrace his (cough...cough)....Daeva blood. An epic achievement for an Elder of the Clan's blood.

He has taken many as apprentices to the Circle over the years. His 'in your face' rant, "Humanity is some other Covenant's choice...not ours", is designed to scare the weak and impress upon them what the true sacrifice the Crone demands from Her followers.

Once they pass this test he becomes more as a Professor and mentor. Many a Hierophant has studied under him and his unique teaching style.

Additional Rumors

Sirius spent the early years of his embrace traveling around Europe trading tales and news for his stay in many cities.

Names he’s gone by in the past are: Colin MacConachie, Rev. William Stone, Sir Johan Von Kest, Sir Edward Stuart of Bovaria, to name a few.

In his mortal days Sirius was run out of many courts in Europe due to his ‘repopulation’ of Europe after the Black Plague.

Sirius is a Cult leader who deals with the Ancient Nummo of the Dog Star, Sirius, System.

Sirius leads a secret house of Occultists

Sirius is a Ritualist who’s spells include things from tuning a trombone to a ritual which will allow a kindred to live on even after final death.

Dr. Sirius loves to do the Michigan Rag, an old dance from the early 1900s, and Charleston.

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